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Steel Building Assembly

Steel Building Assembly from U.S. Buildings:

More than 70% of our customers choose to assemble their metal buildings themselves, without the help of special tools and equipment. Each of our metal buildings is shipped with an easy-to-follow instruction manual and our knowledgeable metal building support team is ready from 9am to 9pm Monday – Friday at one of  our toll-free lines in case you need any expert help.


The 3 Step Metal Building Assembly Process

  1. Build Arches - Putting together your building is safe and simple because 3/4 of the work is done on the ground and requires only one sized tool for our standard grade-8 bolts.
  2. Raise Arches - For most of our metal buildings, when it comes time to raise them, there is no heavy equipment necessary. Our precision manufactured steel arches fit seamlessly together and easily overlap which allows for fast and accurate steel building assembly requiring only a ladder or scaffolding.
  3. Add Endwalls - U.S. Buildings’ steel endwall panels are pre-cut, pre-drilled, and easy to install and also include features such as weather strip inserts and heavy-duty curved angles.


Footing/Foundations Metal Building:

The foundation of your metal building depends on the local soil in your area as well as snow load and wind load conditions. Therefore, this is one area where many clients choose to hire a local contractor or construction professional. A professional civil engineer can:

  • Help you with site selection for your building
  • Determine what kind of building site preparation may be required
  • Design the optimal foundation for your metal building
  • Supervise your construction process to ensure design details are correctly interpreted.


Your U.S. Buildings consultant can assist you in choosing the best footing and slab options for your specific project.


Arches for Metal Buildings:

The arches of a metal building from U.S. Buildings are the major components of the structure, acting as both the sidewalls as well as the roof. When properly constructed, your building will be watertight, but optional caulking is available for special projects. A complete instruction manual is supplied when you purchase your metal building from U.S. Buildings. If you have a larger metal building project, a few sections of scaffolding will make raising the steel arches much easier. However, many customers find that they can raise the arches with the help of their family and friends if no scaffolding is available in the area.


Endwalls for Metal Buildings:

 The construction of a solid steel endwall is fairly simple. Each endwall panel is pre-cut and numbered, making assembly incredibly simple. Openings and frameworks are available for any size or type of door you’d like to include.


You also have the option of customizing your endwalls if you’re looking to save money or if you’re interested in matching the endwalls to your home or other existing structure. Most of our customers do choose to frame out their endwalls with wood for a completely custom finish.


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Sun Rain Wind Snow

Everyone is aware of the damaging effects the sun’s UV rays cause. The life of your equipment, the paint on your truck or antique car, and the interior of your boat or RV can be dramatically extended by keeping your valuable investments in a U.S. Building. RV owners, antique car owners and business owners all understand that protection from the sun equals an increased trade-in value and an increase in longevity of your prized possessions. Precision engineering and unmatched quality make your investment in a U.S. Building a lasting value and a great investment.

Acid rain can be one of the most damaging elements to equipment, livestock, RVs, boats, antique cars and trucks. The precise 9" overlap of our steel building arches place more steel at every critical connection, ensuring the best fitting arch system available in the industry.

Each arch is double bolted, creating a durable residential steel building that is virtually weather tight. U.S. Buildings also uses a high quality zinc chromate plated bolt with a neoprene washer for a virtually airtight seal. Precision engineering and unmatched quality make your investment in a U.S. Building a lasting value.

U.S. Buildings meets all windloads throughout the country, no matter how stringent the code requirements may be in your area. Whether it is a local 70mph wind gust recommendation or a 150mph hurricane wind requirement, each U.S. Building is manufactured to not only match, but exceed even the most stringent codes. That is one of the main reasons U.S. Buildings was the first Arch Steel Building Company to receive Florida Product Approval.

Having received numerous letters from satisfied customers that their building stood up to some of the strongest hurricanes such as Katrina and Wilma, U.S. Buildings proves to be the right decision for any individual erecting a building in a hurricane zone. U.S. Buildings is always setting the standard for safety. Peace of mind should never be optional or secondary. Precision engineering and unmatched quality make your investment in a U.S.Building a lasting value.

U.S. Buildings meets all snowloads and keeps your valuable equipment, livestock, and cars out of sub-zero temperatures. No more scraping windows or having to brush off several feet of snow from your vehicles. With our optional insulation packages you can keep valuables even warmer and safer. Precision engineering and unmatched quality make your investment in a U.S.Building a lasting value.

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