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Steel Buildings Questions to Ask

Ask these questions BEFORE you buy steel metal buildings!

 -  Are you buying directly from the manufacturer? Or are you buying from a middleman?

-  Are you buying from an American manufacturer? Or from a component company from a foreign country increasing your risk that your pieces may not line up properly?

-  Is the building manufactured in 22 gauge steel? Or is it manufactured in 26 or 29 gauge steel (weaker)?

-  Is your provider using galvalume steel? Or lower quality galvanized steel?

-  Does your warranty come from a broker? Or does it come from both the manufacturer and the steel mill as it does from U.S. Buildings?

-  Do the arches overlap a full 9 inches like a U.S. Buildings metal building? Or do they only overlap the standard 3 inches?

-  Is your warranty for 1.5-5 years? Or is it for 35 years?

-  Do they use Grade 8 bolts with recessed neoprene washers and hold up to a rigorous 500 hour salt spray test?

-  Are the bolt holes pre-drilled? Or are they non-pre-drilled screws?

-  Are the metal buildings bolt-up kits? Or are you required to weld the entire structure on your own after construction?

-  Will you have to spend thousands of dollars to rent a crane to aide in building construction? Or can you do it yourself with scaffolding?

- Does the delivery include any additional fees upon arrival to your building site? Do you need any special equipment to unload your building from the delivery truck?

-  Does the building come with state certified concrete drawings? Or are you required to pay thousands to get your own concrete drawings drafted?

-  Is 12 hour customer service a standard? Or do they operate on usual 9am-5pm hours?

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Sun Rain Wind Snow

Everyone is aware of the damaging effects the sun’s UV rays cause. The life of your equipment, the paint on your truck or antique car, and the interior of your boat or RV can be dramatically extended by keeping your valuable investments in a U.S. Building. RV owners, antique car owners and business owners all understand that protection from the sun equals an increased trade-in value and an increase in longevity of your prized possessions. Precision engineering and unmatched quality make your investment in a U.S. Building a lasting value and a great investment.

Acid rain can be one of the most damaging elements to equipment, livestock, RVs, boats, antique cars and trucks. The precise 9" overlap of our steel building arches place more steel at every critical connection, ensuring the best fitting arch system available in the industry.

Each arch is double bolted, creating a durable residential steel building that is virtually weather tight. U.S. Buildings also uses a high quality zinc chromate plated bolt with a neoprene washer for a virtually airtight seal. Precision engineering and unmatched quality make your investment in a U.S. Building a lasting value.

U.S. Buildings meets all windloads throughout the country, no matter how stringent the code requirements may be in your area. Whether it is a local 70mph wind gust recommendation or a 150mph hurricane wind requirement, each U.S. Building is manufactured to not only match, but exceed even the most stringent codes. That is one of the main reasons U.S. Buildings was the first Arch Steel Building Company to receive Florida Product Approval.

Having received numerous letters from satisfied customers that their building stood up to some of the strongest hurricanes such as Katrina and Wilma, U.S. Buildings proves to be the right decision for any individual erecting a building in a hurricane zone. U.S. Buildings is always setting the standard for safety. Peace of mind should never be optional or secondary. Precision engineering and unmatched quality make your investment in a U.S.Building a lasting value.

U.S. Buildings meets all snowloads and keeps your valuable equipment, livestock, and cars out of sub-zero temperatures. No more scraping windows or having to brush off several feet of snow from your vehicles. With our optional insulation packages you can keep valuables even warmer and safer. Precision engineering and unmatched quality make your investment in a U.S.Building a lasting value.

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