Factory Direct Steel Arch Buildings

Steel Buildings Questions to Ask

Ask these questions BEFORE you buy steel metal buildings!

 –  Are you buying directly from the manufacturer? Or are you buying from a middleman?

–  Are you buying from an American manufacturer? Or from a component company from a foreign country increasing your risk that your pieces may not line up properly?

–  Is the building manufactured in 22 gauge steel? Or is it manufactured in 26 or 29 gauge steel (weaker)?

–  Is your provider using galvalume steel? Or lower quality galvanized steel?

–  Does your warranty come from a broker? Or does it come from both the manufacturer and the steel mill as it does from Steel Arch Buildings?

–  Do the arches overlap a full 9 inches like a Steel Arch Buildings metal building? Or do they only overlap the standard 3 inches?

–  Is your warranty for 1.5-5 years? Or is it for 35 years?

–  Do they use Grade 8 bolts with recessed neoprene washers and hold up to a rigorous 500 hour salt spray test?

–  Are the bolt holes pre-drilled? Or are they non-pre-drilled screws?

–  Are the metal buildings bolt-up kits? Or are you required to weld the entire structure on your own after construction?

–  Will you have to spend thousands of dollars to rent a crane to aide in building construction? Or can you do it yourself with scaffolding?

– Does the delivery include any additional fees upon arrival to your building site? Do you need any special equipment to unload your building from the delivery truck?

–  Does the building come with state certified concrete drawings? Or are you required to pay thousands to get your own concrete drawings drafted?

–  Is 12 hour customer service a standard? Or do they operate on usual 9am-5pm hours?