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Green Steel Buildings

Steel Arch Buildings lets you reduce your footprint with “Green” Steel Buildings

Steel Arch Buildings is proud to offer “Green” steel buildings to reduce environmental impacts by providing structures that are open to energy saving and renewable practices. 

What are “Green” Steel Buildings?  Our Green Steel buildings are designed to cut down on environmental impacts and can be utilized by the end user to save and renew energy.

Recyclable Steel – Our steel buildings are one of the most recyclable options on Earth.  Steel comes directly from the Earth, and can be recycled after years of use.

Galvalume – Our buildings are galvalume steel in construction, which will naturally reflect sun and renew the energy source back into the environment.  Rather than absorbing the rays of the sun like shingles and other traditional roofing materials, our galvalume steel construction will reflect the energy.

Low Waste and Consumption – Green steel buildings do not require any other reconstruction after years of use.  Other structures like wood, brick, or cement, will break down and require maintenance and the use of more materials, but our steel buildings do not.

Renewable Energy Emphasis – We emphasize how well renewable energy can be utilized in accordance to our buildings.  Our steel buildings can easily be configured to use energy saving windows and doors, and solar panels can be installed to all structures. 

Solar Gain – With the orientation of windows, doors, and awnings, our customers find that they can maximize solar gain when heat is needed.  Insulation can also be installed instead of traditional electric heating and cooling sources.

We Provide

  • The Finest Heavy Gauge Galvalume Steel Available
  • Experienced Customer Service, Available 9am–6pm EST
  • The Lowest Prices and Highest Factory Direct Savings
  • Simple & Easy Three-Step Do-It-Yourself Assembly Process
  • Speedy, Reliable Delivery

If you have any questions on how to make your steel building into a “Green” steel building, feel free to contact us directly Toll Free at 800-222-6335 or fill out our Contact form online.