Factory Direct Steel Arch Buildings

Steel Buildings 35 Year Warranty

Steel Buildings by Steel Arch Buildings Backed by 35 Year Warranty

Each of our steel buildings comes with a 35-year Steel-Mill-Backed Warranty. We take pride in manufacturing some of the highest quality steel buildings in the country, which is why we guarantee that our steel buildings will last for decades. 

We use heavy gauge galvalume steel that is precision-cut to ensure a structurally sound building that is built for the long haul. Besides our precision-cut steel, we also use a 9-inch overlap for the arches to put more steel at the connection points to make our arch buildings fit perfectly. This also allows for a much easier and faster installation. On top of that, our arches are bolted twice to make our steel buildings even more durable. Plus, we use zinc chromate bolts and neoprene washers to help make our buildings virtually airtight and weatherproof.

As you can tell, we pay attention to every detail when it comes to our steel buildings. We only use the highest quality parts to ensure our buildings are built to last. We understand people want quality steel buildings that are durable and long-lasting, that’s why we back ours with a 35 year warranty.