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There’s No Question About It: The Q-Model Steel Arch Building Quiets the Competition

There’s no question about it. The Q-Model Steel Arch Building towers above all other buildings. The Q model is the only design in our arsenal that incorporates the full arch design from end-to-end and ground-to-ground. The Romans themselves would blush a bright Trojan red in envy as they marveled at our buildings. We can say there’s anything quaint about the Q model steel arch building either. By using the complete arch form, the design negates the need for internal bracing and support beams. Just think about all that free space you will have upon installation! While you might lose some height on the sides – as you clearly illustrated in the S-model arch line – the elongated headroom and clean span interior more than make up for it square feet and volume.

The Q-Model Steel Arch Building is The Quintessential Modern Steel Shelter

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The Q-Model steel arch design brings construction full circle even though it only uses half of one in completing the whole package. The superior strength and versatility of an arch is just a simple principle of engineering. Arches are able to span greater distances without the use of support beams and columns. Arches also provide greater openings to move objects in and out of, which is why they are quickly replacing wooden barns on thousands of farms nationwide. Arches have come a long way from their stone and masonry predecessors. Advances in metallurgy and machining allow for the composition of thinner, yet tougher sheets of metal, which are tightly riveted together with galvalume screws that rest flushed against the finished product. Overlapping and firmly connected metal sheets creates an unbreakable metal chain of a building that is virtually impervious to leaks, moisture condensation, and almost anything else Mother Nature can throw its way.

Exploring the Many Uses of the Q-style Arch Building

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With rising real estate prices, many people are looking for more creative and sustainable housing options. Tiny homes have become quite the rage, and Q-model steel arch buildings are the perfect structural foundation for many vacation homes and permanent residences. Arch style houses are more practical and allow for streamlined construction. Instead of building from the ground up and stopping to complete each individual stage of the standard brick-and-mortar stick-built construction, you can move right along to the more complicated areas, such as plumbing and electrical work. You already have a shell in place so finishing out the interior and infrastructure should take no time at all. And even if you have a ‘Road Warrior’ type mentality, you will still need a place to store your trusty stead when not roaming the open road. Our Q-Model Steel Arch buildings are the ideal storage area for your RV or camper during the cold wintry months. Speaking of the cold, you will need a place to keep your horses and cattle when they’re not grazing greener pastures. Each Q-model style arch building can also be easily retrofitted to accommodate horse stalls and farm equipment with enough room left over to keep supplies and bales of hay for your animals.

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But our buildings don’t just make work and the day-to-day grind easier. They can also keep the fun going during play time when the weather turns bleak and miserable. Our Q-arch buildings are basically domes in of themselves and we know how these super shells are so prevalent in today’s sporting world. Our arch buildings therefore make the perfect venues for batting cages when baseball teams are trying to fit in some early spring practices or when riding arenas for horses and other showcase type events.

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